GT Access tell us…Who Uses Powered Access?

GT Access tell us…Who Uses Powered Access?

I always find it strange when describing to people outside of our market what we do as a company. Do they understand what a MEWP, powered access platform, scissor lift, cherry picker, boom lift, van mount, etc is? They say they do, but I’m always a little sceptical!

I normally gesture with a series of weird hand movements to explain, doing weird up and down strokes, bending my arm in an unnatural way, and when they finally nod in agreement, I get asked the classic question that I’ve heard hundreds of times, ‘who uses them?’

I then try to refrain from spending the next 30 minutes listing every type of company who uses a MEWP. I usually simply say, “it will be much quicker if I give you a list of who doesn’t use powered access”

There have just been some official figures released that you may find interesting. Up to the start of 2016, there are now estimated to be 1,170,000 access platforms throughout the world. The worldwide revenue per annum is approximately £5,000,000.00. In Europe, this translates to around 313,000 machines with a turnover of £2,400,000.00 per year.

The UK market has shown moderate growth over the last 12 months, as has Norway. Both Spain & Italy showed some major growth, whereas Germany & Sweden’s market has actually slightly shrunk. So it looks like the UK is still holding its own at present against our oversea friends! Not going to get into a debate over ‘Brexit’ here though!

So when someone next asks me (or you) what a cherry picker is, and who uses them, try and refrain from telling them all of the above, and just say everyone, it’s so much simpler!

Steve Moody
National Sales & Marketing Manager at GT Access

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