IPAF Hosts Webinar On The Future Of Safe Learning

IPAF Hosts Webinar On The Future Of Safe Learning

IPAF is hosting a free webinar on the future of safe learning, which will look at how COVID-19 has impacted training and learning in and beyond the industry, how IPAF has responded to this and how employers and operators can utilise different technologies to continue to learn safely.

Guest presenters include Kate Pasterfield, a senior leader at Sponge, a digital learning agency based in the UK, and Darren Verschuren, International Account Director for Serious Labs, a technology company that develops virtual reality (VR) training solutions for the global heavy equipment industry.

Darren Verschuren will look at virtual reality simulators modernising MEWP operator training. IPAF will also provide information about the work it has been doing to address some of the challenges faced by the industry now and for the future.

Peter Douglas, CEO and Managing Director of IPAF, says: “While governments globally seek to restart their economies and people are getting back to work, operators and employers need to feel confident that the new training environment we find ourselves in is safe. New technologies and eLearning can support these safety regimes and offer alternatives to traditional training environments.

“IPAF has produced guidance to help training centres get back to work and hosted webinars to address the safe operating of MEWPs in the current climate. Over the coming months, we will add to this series of webinars for the industry to provide insight and address some of the real issues our members are facing in the current situation.”

The webinar will be held at 12:00 GMT+1 on Wednesday 15 July, 2020. This is one of a series of webinars IPAF is hosting that will address some of the challenges facing the industry currently. For more details and to register visit www.ipaf.org/events

IPAF has also published coronavirus safety documents and checklist, and its previous webinar to explain the key principles and measures, hosted by health & safety professional and IPAF UK Country Council member Chris Wraith. To view the IPAF webinar click here or to download the new IPAF guidance click here.

Source: IPAF

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